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Luis E. Quintero

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Education               Work               Awards               Selected Presentations               Service 



Phd in Economics and Public Policy. Carnegie Mellon University.



MS in Public Policy. Carnegie Mellon University.


MS in Public Policy. Carnegie Mellon University.




Director of Economics Research - JHU Inclusive Innovation Initiative Lab

2016 - present

Assistant professor. Johns Hopkins University.


ESCOP4Green  (enhancing Sustainable Consumption and Production) Research Group


2020 -

Uzbekistan Urbanization Analysis Advisory Group



Research fellow, Citylab.

2019 - 






Research fellow, 21st Cities Century Initiative.

Visiting faculty, CESA.

Urban Economist Consultant, Urban, Rural, and Social Development Global Practice. The World Bank.

Consultant, Institutions for Development. The Interamerican Development Bank.

Consultant, Latin American Development Bank (CAF).

Analyst, United Nations Development Programme.

Awards & Grants



Expert Witness in the hearing Examining Competition and Consumer Rights in Housing Markets. Senate Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Competition Policy, Antitrust, and Consumer Rights, October 23, 2023.

University of Maryland Asymmetric Threat Awareness Center noted expert in the city, the built environment, climate, and the environment.







2017, 2019










NIH R01 Grant: Studying how state and local health services delivery policies can mitigate the effects of dis- asters on drug addiction treatment and overdose: A mixed-methods study of COVID-19

NIH R01 Grant: The Impact of Mitigation Strategies to Prevent COVID-19 Transmission in American Indian Communities

Danish Agency for Higher Education and Science International Network Programme Grant

Johns Hopkins Business of Health Initiative Grant

Development Bank of Latin America (CAF) Research Grant

Supplemental Research Grant

UNDPs grant Exploring Impact and Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Latin America and the Caribbean Using Mobility Data

Johns Hopkins Business of Health Initiative Seed Grant Social Distancing Interventions: Direct and Local Spillover Effects and Labor Outcomes.

Research Institute for Housing America Trust Fund Grant

Carey Business School's Dean's List Award

Eastern Europe and Central Asia World Bank Academy Award for Best Paper 2020.

Carey's Business School Supplementary Research Grant

Teaching Innovation Fund Award

Top 10% in overall authors ranking in SSRN in Elsevier’s Social Science Research Network (SSRN).

Black & Decker Research Fund Grant.

Global Real Estate Summit Best Paper

American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association (AREUEA) Homer Hoyt Institute Best Doctoral Dissertation Award.

William Larimer Mellon Fellowship.

Colfuturo Fellowship.

Juan L. Londono Award for Best Master's Dissertation.

Excellence Scholarship Universidad de los Andes.

Andres Bello Fellowship.

Selected Presentations



58th Annual Canadian Economics Association Meetings, The Society of Government Economists Annual Conference, 2024 Power of Place Conference, Economics Department Seminar  West Virginia University, Kogod Business School Seminar American University, 22nd Annual International Industrial Organization Conference, Boston  (forthcoming).


Congress Hearing Examining Competition and Consumer Rights in Housing Markets at the Senate Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Competition Policy, Antitrust, and Consumer Rights, HBHI Causal Inference Working group seminar, DIW 3rd Workshop on Rent Control.


The Trades 2022 Summit on the Infrastructure & Jobs Act, 2022 REALPAC / Toronto Metropolitan University Research Symposium, 21st IZA/SOLE Transatlantic Meeting of Labor Economists (TAM), IADB Development Effectiveness Seminar (DES), The American Urban Economics Association (AREUEA) National Meeting, DC Urban Day, GMAC 2002 Leadership Conference, GMAC Annual Conference.


Universidad Católica Workshop on Sustainable Cities

2021 National Tax Association Annual Conference

International Centre for Economic Analysis Public Policy Lessons Conference After the Pandemic Series.

Central Bank Seminar on Urban and Regional Economics and Public Finance

2021 Southern Economic Association Annual Meeting.

EAFIT Economics Seminar.


2020 Virtual Real Estate Seminar University of Cambridge

12th ReCapNet Conference Global Trends and Real Estate Conference

Universidad Católica de Pereira

2020 Virtual Meeting of the Urban Economics Association (UEA)

9th International Conference Industrial Organization and Spatial Economics

Cambridge University Real Estate Seminar

Hopkins At Home Lecture COVID19 and Climate Change


Arizona State University Economics Seminar, Tempe.

ITEA Annual Conference on Transportation Economics, Paris.

3rd Workshop in Urban and Regional Economics, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana-Banco de la Republica, Bogota.

2019 Federal Reserve Community Development Research Conference: Renewing the Promise of the Middle Class, Washington.

DC Urban Day, Washington.
Kraks Fond Workshop on Agglomeration Economies, Copenhaguen. American University Economics Seminar, DC.


Research seminar Universidad Javeriana, Bogota.
Faculty seminar CESA, Bogota.
European Meeting of the Urban Economics Association, Dussseldorf.
Federal Reserve Board of Governors seminar, Washington.
International Organization of Social Sciences and Behavioral Research, New Orleans.

George Washington University Economics Seminar, Washington.
Federal Reserve Regional Economics Workshop, Baltimore


Richmond Federal Reserve Seminar
12th Meeting of the Urban Economics Association, Vancouver
64th Annual North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association International, Vancouver NBER Summer Institute
1st Workshop on Urban and Regional Economics, Bogota
Annual International Industrial Organization Conference (IIOC)
AREUEA Conference
European Regional Science Association Conference
The World Bank Annual Conference on Development Economics


Spatial Econometrics Advanced Institute, Catholic University of Rome, Rome

Western Economics Association International (WEAI) Conference, Santiago

Urban Economics Seminar, The New School Milano School of Public Affairs, New York

Kraks Fond workshop on Analysis of Residential Location Choice, Copenhaguen.


Seminar, University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Seminar, University of Florida, Gainsville
Seminar, City University of New York, New York

Seminar, Interamerican Development Bank Research, Washington

Seminar, Howard University, Washington

Seminar, ITAM Business School, Mexico City

Seminar, Global Real Estate Summit, Washington


AREUEA-ASSA Conference, Philadelphia.
Federal Reserve and UWisconsin Housing-Urban-Labor-Macro (HULM).

MOOD - 12th Doctoral Workshop in Economic Theory and Econometrics, Rome

ICE - University of Chicago- Argonne Initiative for Computational Economics, Chicago

The Journes Louis-Andre Gerard-Varet Conference in Public Economics, Marseille

Service to the Profession


Academic/Program Committees


18th North American Meeting of the Urban Economics Association, AREUEA VIrtual Seminar Series. 


SWS Scholarly Society Social Sciences and Art (SSA) Scientific Committee, 28th Annual LACEA Annual Meeting Academic Committee, AREUEA 2023 National Conference Academic Committee, 2023 AREUEA Virtual Seminar Series, of ESCOP4Green Project Roma.



 Quality Enhancement Review (QER) committee for the World Bank Flagship Report on Making Cities Green, Resilient and Inclusive,  1st Annual Meeting of the LACEA's Latin American Urban Economics Network, Cities that Work at the International Growth Centre (IGC) faculty coach.


Latin American and the Caribbean Economic Association (LACEA) Meeting 2021

Urban Economics Association (UEA) Meeting.

Editorial Committee of the book Needs and Barriers of Prosumerism in the Energy Transition Era

American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association National Conference


2020 Virtual Meeting of the Urban Economics Association (UEA)

LACEA Urban Economics Network - Co-director

Urban Economics Association Meeting Academic Program Committee


14th Meeting of the Urban Economics Association (UEA)

American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association National Conference

2nd Urban and Regional Economics Workshop Javeriana

Foundations and Frontiers of Urban Economics Workshop in the Latin American Economic Association Conference in Puebla

Refereeing and Editorial

The Quarterly Journal of Economics

 Journal of Policy Analysis and Management 

Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics

Real Estate Economics

Spatial Economic Analysis

Regional Science and Urban Economics

Journal of Economic Growth

Journal of Urban Economics. 
Urban Studies.
International Economics Review. REGION.

Journal of Housing Economics.
Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists.
Desarrollo y Sociedad.
Johns Hopkins University University Press. Editorial CESA.

New Design Ideas (Editorial Board)

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