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Deodato - Prelude - February 28 2022

First post. These reviews are for my son. May he love music, and hopefully my music. Many sentence fragments.

He is the little kid that builds things. Just like Eumir Deodato. He has been around since then until now. And always innovating. It could be one of the downsides of teh album. This constant interest in innovating is what may have led him to choose a funky version of Also Sprach Zaratustra as the first song in side A. It was also the highest ranking number in the record... and his career. It sounds zappy right? The main line of the epic Strauss opus opening fanfare accompanied by disco horns and bass, the typical fascination for making all things disco in the 70s.... Somewhat reminiscent of a Beethoveen's Fifth by Walter Murphy, hadn't it been for the fact that Deodato's track is 4 years its senior.


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